2018 La Petite Vanguard Petillant Naturel

2018 La Petite Vanguard Petillant Naturel


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Using a type of ‘ancestral method’ of sparkling wine production that predates Champagne, the Petit Manseng grapes were foot crushed and pressed to tank and held cold for some time to settle out solids.

Once racked, it was allowed to warm and start the primary fermentation spontaneously. At around 24g/L sugar, the wine was transferred to bottle where it completed the primary fermentation. The bottles were laid flat, where they could have maximum contact with the yeast lees inside, and gain further complexity, texture and autolysis characters.

Riddled by hand, and disgorged by hand, it’s a very unique process that requires patience, and skill within the craft.


Dozen produced: 120

Alcohol: 12.2%

pH: 3.18

TA: 8.3

Residual Sugar: 2g/L (handcrafted wines with a variance bottle to bottle, likely to be 0 by summers end!).