2018 Vanguardist Pétillant Naturel
2018 Vanguardist Pétillant Naturel

2018 Vanguardist Pétillant Naturel


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We unearthed this delightful little parcel of fruit in Woodside, Adelaide Hills.

Chardonnay Musqué, is an aromatic mutation (clone mutation) of the famous Chardonnay grape variety. Musqué, meaning both ‘perfumed’, as in musky, and ‘muscat-like’ in French. This means that we have a grape that is highly aromatic coupled with the ever-present structure of the chardonnay grape... and so Michael came to the conclusion that it musqué-be-good for producing stellar sparkling ;)

A combination of not being completely overwhelmed with some of the very cloudy, slightly petillant versions, and an urge to challenge one’s self led to the creation of the V Pét-Nat.

Going to bottle with a greater amount of sugar has meant a lot more fizz than a lot of counterparts on the market. The major difference however lies in the hand riddling and hand disgorging of the wine. Hand built riddling racks, and a very ancient technique of disgorging the yeasty sediment using a simple key were used.

The result is a dry, vibrant, zesty style of Pét-Nat that resembles more of a grower champagne than a current market ancestral sparkling wine.