2017 'La Petite Vanguard', Pétillant Naturel

2017 'La Petite Vanguard', Pétillant Naturel



Petit Manseng sourced from the North Eastern Ridge of Clare Valley, South Australia. 


Using a type of ‘ancestral method’ of sparkling wine production that predates Champagne, the Petit Manseng grapes were foot crushed and pressed to tank and held cold for some time to settle out solids. Once racked, it was allowed to warm and start the primary fermentation spontaneously. At around 24g/L sugar the wine was transferred to heavy imported Champagne bottles. I wanted a fair amount of fizz in this one, and because of the pressure these really gushed with all the yeasty sediment in situ, when opened after the ‘prise de mousse’ had occurred. So, I had to find a riddling rack and go old school on it. Riddled by hand, disgorged by hand. 10 dozen every 3 or four weeks apart with no fancy neck freezer, and around 20% loss.  

51 Dozen produced. 

Alcohol: 12.2% 

pH: 3.18  

TA: 8.3  

Residual Sugar: 2-6g/L (handcrafted wines with a variance bottle to bottle, likely to be 0 by summers end!).